Production Time: 7 Business Days (after proof approval)

It’s fun to be square! Who said that business cards need to stick to the old boring rectangular template to look professional and engaging? Show off your creative side and stand out from the rest of the pack with square business cards. Here are some of the coolest 2.5X2.5 square business cards from around the Net to get you inspired:

01. Abarca Ecodiseno: Square and Eco-friendlyimage

A great example on how a business’ advocacies can be accurately reflected on a business card. Abarca Ecodiseno provides green and nature-friendly industrial solutions. The ink used in this card is minimal and is printed onto recycled paper.

02. Reblis: Informative and High Techimage

A no-frills card with a nice color scheme. And best of all, it has a scannable QR code on the back too! The front has an uncomplicated logo, and the client’s information is written in a clear, simple font.

03. Jeroen van Eerden: Idiosyncratic and Uniqueimage

The most defining part of this business card is the eye-catching logo which is the client’s initials arranged in a square shape. This pattern is repeated again on the back part of the card.

04. Davide Gasperini: Edgy and Minimalisticimage

This business card certainly makes a name for itself. The person’s name is cut out from the card itself, which makes for a very interesting and edgy touch.

05. Frauke Nelte Photography: Beautiful and Elegantimage

Made out of pressed felt, this card combines elegance and functionality into one. The textured surface is one-of-a-kind, and the silhouette of the old camera on the front is very reflective of the person’s passion for photography.