Production Time: 7 Business Days (after proof approval)

Nothing says “prestige” like the look of a transparent business card. If you want to give your business a chic and innovatively cutting-edge appearance you need something that will stand apart from the rest. For something that blends right in, these transparent business cards sure do stand out!

01. Lumen: Clear and Directimage

Sometimes a simple, defining image makes a much bolder statement when paired with a clear background. Transparent business cards are an excellent option for stepping away from the traditional template-based business card. Show them who you are and what you do, and leave the rest to the imagination.

02. Hugo Fernandez: Custom and Cleverimage

With a transparent business card there’s a lot of room for customization. Hugo Fernandez, a freelance photographer, allowed his clients to look at life through the lens of a camera. A clear canvas can be just the thing to attract new clients. A custom look like this is sure to catch a few eyes!

03. Jack Smith: Hi-Tech and Professionalimage

These days, all of your information can be transferred through a simple swipe of a phone. If you have a QR code with a link to your website(s) or just your personal information, it will make advertising yourself that much easier. Hand out a card like this, and invite people to share it with their network—not the actual card, just the QR code! The clear background definitely gives this card a futuristic edge.

04. Dario Monetini: Quirky and Funimage

With a creative business card design that encourages customers to post fun photographs of themselves, Dario Monetini’s designing business instantly went viral. If you want your card’s design to really catch the consumer’s eye, you need a bit of fun mixed with a bit of flashy. If your business is innovative and quirky it might require more than a traditional name-and-number business card. There’s a lot more freedom to play around with your designs on a transparent business card.

05. Luigi Renzi: Translucent and Transparentimage

Renzi used a simple and sleek transparent card with a white background to give the appearance  of a translucent card. If you choose a transparent card with a colored background, it will definitely make the relief images/words really pop! Whether you want to accent who you are or what you do, it’s a sure way to set yourself apart.