Production Time: 7 Business Days (after proof approval)

   So you meet a potential client in real life for the first time and they already have a sense of the kind of work you do because of your awesome portfolio. They want to hire you but they’re a bit old school and local, so they want to meet you in person to get a sense of who you are and vice versa. Right before the meeting ends, they tell you how someone at their gym needed your exact services, but your potential client (and it’s looking more and more like a sure thing) didn’t have your card to give them.

   Knowing that this moment would come, you’re now here in a dilemma. Are you going to tell this person who assumes you have a business card that some hot new mobile app killed business cards (just bump me dude), or are you going to reach in your custom leather business card case and hand them a card? If you choose the latter, great, I commend you! But, you’re not out of hot water yet. Do the cards you’re about to hand over say “free from vistaprint” on the back? Congratulations you just lost a client and a guaranteed word of mouth referral (which we all know is as good as gold). Seriously, you’re better off going all high-tech and mighty (business cards are dead) rather than handing someone a crappy business card.

   But let’s backtrack and assume you handed them the card and the potential client is genuinely impressed, I’m talking Heart Eyes Emoji impressed. They liked you before and already wanted to hire you, but now they’re feeling like you’re doing them a favor by taking them on as a client. Remember when the cool kids invited you to the party? Of course not! But that is what this feels like for them. Alright imagination time is over, what card did you hand them? Was it a 16pt Silk Laminated (smooth to the touch) business card with a paisley Spot UV pattern surrounding your bold gold foil logo with rounded corners, the translucent card that presented your business with a spotlight effect, or did the capturing design on your lenticular business cards leave them in awe?