Production Time: 7 Business Days (after proof approval)


What is rich black and how can I get it?

100% K does not print rich black, even though it looks black on your screen. In order to get rich black you must use all the CMYK values. The best combination is C 60 M 40 Y 40 K 100

How can I make sure my blues do not come out purple?
The color blue is created by having at least a 30% difference in Cyan and Magenta values. To avoid the color purple when creating blue use low magenta values and high cyan values.
Can I submit a front and back in the same file?
No. We recommend that you save each side of the job separately before uploading them. If the files are not separate, this will cause a delay in receiving your proof. However, feel free to compress (or zip) a file or folder with multiple files.
Does CardSox accept borders on jobs?
Yes, but we do not recommend them. We print with a .125″ bleed as there is a .125″ accepted variance when cutting. This .125″ variance is usually only noticeable when design has a border near the edges. Borders can be cut off centered because of the bleed, so keep this in mind when designing your artwork.
How should I set up my bleed?

Please include an 1/8″ (or .125″ extra on each side) bleed on all sides. For instance, a square business card is 2.5” x 2.5”, your canvas size needs to be 2.625″ x 2.625″. 1/8″ will be cut off during trimming, leaving you with a 2.5″ x 2.5″ square business card.

The bleed for all cards is 1/8” (or 0.125″) on all sides. What this means is that there is an accepted variance for 1/8” to be cut off on either side of the cut-line. We recommend that design of the card extends all the way out to the trim line, so that the design is consistent throughout the whole card. Also, the text needs to be kept at least 1/8” inside the safe-line to ensure it does not get cut off during trimming.

What resolution should my file be?
For optimal print quality, the image resolution must be at least 300 dots per inch (DPI) at 100% of the final card size.
Why does my business card crack around the edges?
Cracking of the edges of a business card sometimes occurs when the card contains high values of ink, as in dark colors.

This usually happens on a small amount of cards in the run. To prevent this, use lighter colors or if you must use dark colors, use as little ink as possible.

What color mode should my files be?
We convert all files into CMYK before they enter print production. Because with an RGB file there is no guarantee that the colors will match those you chose for your design once printed, we recommend designing all files intended for print in CMYK.
What kind of files can I send to CardSox?
We recommend saving as a PDF with outlined fonts. However, you may also send the file in the following types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, psd, ai, and png.
Can I request a change after I approve my proof?
No, changes cannot be made after proof approval. Review your proof carefully before approving it. Once it’s approved we automatically add your order to our production queue and aim to ship it as fast as possible.